Look up Vietnam entry dispatch 2023

Look up Vietnam entry dispatch. How do I check my immigration documents? What documents and procedures are required for entry application? This is a common concern that most foreigners have when writing their first entry letter .

To help you quickly understand the anxiety applicants face when applying for an entry invitation, we’ll show you how to easily find an entry letter and track your application. Therefore, the entire implementation process will be updated in detail through the Hokokuho article below .

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What is an entry letter ?

Entry letter is also called entry invitation letter or Vietnam visa approval letter. This document is issued by the Immigration Department and allows Vietnamese individuals or companies to sponsor foreigners applying for a visa to enter Vietnam for the following purposes: work, visiting relatives, tourism, trade . , work, or investment …

Simply put, an entry letter is a written consent for a foreigner to enter Vietnam. This document has been approved by Vietnam Immigration Department .

Foreigners can easily apply for a visa at Vietnam border gates if they have an official entry permit to Vietnam. Popular international air border gates in Vietnam include Noi Bai International Airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, and Da Nang International Airport .

Look up Vietnam entry dispatch.
Look up Vietnam entry dispatch.

The foreigner’s entry letter must include the following information :

🔹Information about foreigners entering Vietnam

🔹Name and address of the organization/company recruiting foreign sponsors

🔹Vietnam entry deadline for foreigners

🔹The place to receive the Vietnam visa can be a Vietnamese embassy / consulate abroad or a border gate (airport, land border gate, sea route), depending on each specific case .

* Note : The official entry document to Vietnam is not a visa. Therefore, this document is only a Vietnam visa approval letter. To obtain a visa, bring your entry letter to the border gate or Vietnamese consulate in your host country and apply for a visa stamp in your passport. If you do not select the option to prepare an entry letter, you can directly avail Vietnam visa application services at Vietnamese embassies / consulates abroad .

Vietnam Immigration Officer Search Guide

Look up Vietnam entry dispatch 2023?

search for Entry Letter in various ways to know the approval process for this document .

There are various ways to track your entry letter application, including directly contacting the Immigration Office or your pre-registered immigration service provider. However, these methods can be difficult if you are not fluent. In Vietnamese .

Here’s an easy way to access the Vietnam Immigration Portal and search for immigration documents at .xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/tra-cuu . -xet-duyet-nhap-canh tracks the application status of entry invitations. With this method, you can invite and guarantee the entry of foreigners to Vietnam with a quick online procedure through the electronic transaction page .

the “Confirm Official Entry Result” screen, applicants can enter by simply entering information such as official letter / application number, phone number, and confirmation code in order to check the official shipping status .

Vietnam immigration permit application procedure

The procedure for applying for a visa to enter Vietnam for foreigners is carried out in the following four steps .

👉Step 1 : Prepare your documents according to the instructions below

👉Step 2 : Submit the application to the Vietnam Immigration Department .

👉Step 3 : Find your documents online and confirm your entry has been shipped .

👉Step 4 : Download the official document for entry into Vietnam .

Once we receive the result of the entry shipment, we will send the Vietnam visa approval letter PDF file to the foreigner by email. Foreigners print an entry letter and bring it along with other documents to the Vietnam border gate to apply for a visa, which will be stamped in their passport .

Documents to prepare for applying for immigration letter

The set of documents required to apply for an entry letter varies depending on the subject and purpose of the application. Specifically :

  1. Documents for applying for a commercial entry letter

The documents for applying for written authorization for entry for commercial purposes are prepared by the Vietnamese sponsoring company .

🔹Notarized copy of business registration license

🔹I filled out the Vietnam entry application form

🔹Introduction of signature/seal samples from guarantee companies

🔹Copy of passport of foreigner applying for entry letter

🔹Letter of introduction from the entry official document applicant (if available )

🔹Other documents as required by the Immigration Bureau (as the case may be) .

  1. Documents to apply for official tourist entry letter

Before the entry letter confirmation process, we will prepare an invitation letter application form for entry approval, if necessary. The following documents are required to apply for a tourist visa :

🔹Make sure to have a notarized copy of your business registration certificate

🔹Entry letter for foreigners according to the form

🔹Introduction of signature/seal samples from guarantee companies

🔹Copy of passport for foreigners who require an entry letter

🔹Vietnam travel schedule created by a travel agency

🔹Letter of introduction of the applicant for entry approval (if available )

🔹Other required documents (in some cases, applicant’s nationality) .

  1. Documents for applying for a visa to visit relatives

You will not be able to search for immigration documents if an application for this document has not been submitted . Therefore, in order to apply for an official letter to visit relatives, you need to prepare :

🔹Guarantee company business registration certificate (notarized document )

🔹Follow the instructions to fill out the Vietnam entry application form

🔹Introduction of signature/seal samples from guarantee companies

🔹Please make a copy of the passport of the person applying for entry into Vietnam

🔹Documents proving the relationship between Vietnamese (invitee) and foreigners

🔹Relatives ’ introduction letter for applying for Vietnam entry visa (if available )

🔹Other documents as required, depending on the applicant’s specific case .

Where to apply for Vietnam Immigration Official Letter

check the results of your immigration documents online or at the location where you applied. So, here is where to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter :

Hanoi Immigration Bureau :

🔹Address : 46 Tran Phu , Dien Ban , Ba Dinh District

🔹Phone : (+84)24 3825 7941

Ho Chi Minh City Immigration Office :

🔹Address : 337 Nguyen Trai Street , District 1 , Ho Chi Minh City

🔹Phone number : (+84)28.39202300 , (+84)28 3920 1701

Immigration Bureau working hours :

🔹Monday to Friday (excluding holidays )

🔹AM : 8:00 – 11:30; PM : 13:30 – 16:00

takes approximately 5 days from the date you submit your complete application . To quickly find out the shipping results for your entry , you can search in the same way as for Vietnam reservations above .

Vietnam Immigration Official Letter Application Fee

How much is the entrance fee ? Visas for entry into Vietnam are usually issued free of charge. After submitting your application, you can search for your immigration letter online . If the official letter is approved, the foreigner will proceed to have their visa stamped at the Vietnam border gate or at a Vietnamese embassy/consulate abroad. In this case, visa stamp fees will be applied as follows :

-For Vietnam visa, one- time entry fee: $ 25

-For Vietnam visa with multiple validity, 3 months validity : $ 50

-Vietnam visa period 3 months to 6 months: $ 95

Vietnam visa valid for 6 months to 1 year: $ 135

– Vietnam visa valid for 1 to 2 years: $ 145

– Vietnam visa for more than 2 years to 5 years: $ 155

Sample visa application form for foreigners

Foreign nationals wishing to apply for an entry letter must have a written request for approval, also known as a sample entry letter . According to the Immigration Bureau, there are currently two forms of official immigration letters: Form N2 and Form NA2 .

NA2 and N2 entry forms are documents sent by organizations, enterprises, and businesses to the Immigration Department to request inspection and approval for foreign nationals to enter Vietnam. These forms are attached to the foreign sponsor company’s corporate file .

Forms N2 and NA2 are sent by the surety company to the competent authority. However, the official document requesting permission to enter NA2 can be filled out by foreigners online themselves. Form N2 can only be completed by the surety company.

Look up Vietnam entry dispatch.
Look up Vietnam entry dispatch.

Fill out the application form for foreigners to enter the country

  1. For form NA2

There are two ways to fill out the form requesting admission . Method 1 is for those who have not registered an account, and method 2 is for those who already have an account. If you have not registered a personal account, please refer to and follow the instructions for applying for online immigration .

  1. For form N2

Declaration N2 – Official letter applying for entry to Vietnam . It is filled out by the foreigner’s guarantee company and sent to the immigration office. The content of this form is divided into three parts :

🔹Personal information of foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam .

🔹Time of entry, purpose of entry, address of temporary residence, local activities .

🔹Immigration Bureau proposal .

When filling out the entry application form , if there is a blank space , please enter a slash ( / ). If a foreigner is exempted from Vietnam visa, please write “Visa-free entry to Vietnam” in the “Other matters” column. The most important items on this document are the signature and seal of the foreign guarantor company .

How do I approve my visa application form ?

In order for a visa application for a foreign national to be approved, it is necessary to understand the implementation procedures and provide clear, complete and specific information on the declaration form. If you feel confident in doing so, please prepare and apply on your own. On the other hand, if you feel that you are not knowledgeable in this area, it is best to request the assistance of a third party that specializes in servicing entry documents to Vietnam .

In addition to filling out the entry form, you will also need to prepare other documents as required, such as :

♦ Passport scan

♦ New card photo

♦ Information regarding entry of foreigners

♦ Purpose of entry

♦ Visa pick-up location

♦ Shelter ,

Especially for foreigners entering the country for business purposes, a seal sample certificate and a guarantor’s signature are required. Letter of introduction from the Vietnamese company where the foreigner plans to work .

Note: Currently, applying for an entry letter for foreigners requires many complicated procedures. In particular, the censorship of entry forms has become stricter than before. To apply for a quick entry invitation, especially those entering Vietnam for investment, business, labor, trade, etc. purposes, please go to the service unit for support .

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Applying for entry letters for foreigners is a task that must be performed by individuals and companies sponsoring foreigners. However, not everyone finds this process easy .

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