Immigration dispatch service

Immigration dispatch service. Vietnam Immigration Officer Package 2023 Application Service. Immigration document application service for foreigners entering Vietnam. Apply for 3-month business entry invitation letter for foreigners , entry letter for family visit, entry letter for tourism, study abroad. To understand more, please refer to the following article on Quoc Bao Law :

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Sample entry letter for foreigners

Official Immigration Letter or Entry Invitation Letter or Entry Guarantee Letter is a document issued to foreigners by Vietnam Immigration Department.

Immigration dispatch service
Immigration dispatch service

Classification of entry documents

Types of immigration documents are classified as follows based on their characteristics :

–Categorized by visa reception location: Official letter of entry at the border gate ( when obtaining a visa at a border gate in Vietnam ), Official letter of entry at an embassy ( when obtaining a visa at an embassy ) .

– Classification by purpose of entry to Vietnam: Entry permit for tourism / work / work / study abroad / investment / work / visiting relatives , etc.

– Classification by visa duration : 1 month / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year entry letter .

– Classification by number of entries and exits : Entry letters are once / multiple times .

Foreigners have full choice of the appropriate type of official document depending on the purpose of their entry .

If you are not sure which type is best for you, the Quoc Bao Law Immigration Office can advise you .

Documents to apply for an entry letter for foreigners :

For foreigners :

  • Application form for official letter of entry permission for one year ( Form NA2) based on the regulations of the Immigration Bureau.
  • A scanned copy of a passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Scheduled time of entry to Vietnam and expected length of stay.
  • Official registration letter for stay in Vietnam ( once for 3 months, many times for 3 months, or many times for 6 months …) 
  • Address to receive visa ( Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai Airport, Da Nang Airport ) .

For foreign guarantee companies:

  • Company / enterprise business registration certificate / investment license ;
  • Tax registration certificate ;
  • Seal registration certificate and sample signature from the Immigration Bureau .
  • Official letter to collect your visa at the international airport or border gate .

Who can apply for an entry visa to Vietnam?

Instead of applying for an entry visa to Vietnam, the following cases are allowed to apply for a foreign entry letter and have the visa stamped at Vietnam’s international airports :

– Foreigners coming from countries without Vietnam visa authority.

Before coming to Vietnam, we have to go through many countries.

– The applicant enters Vietnam to visit and travel under a program organized by an international travel agency in Vietnam.

– Foreign crew members who are on board a ship docked at a Vietnamese port and wish to leave the country through another country’s border gate.

– People who have to return home to attend the funeral of a loved one or relative who is seriously ill .

– Entering Vietnam to participate in emergency handling, rescue, relief, disaster prevention or for special reasons at the request of the competent authorities of Vietnam.

Procedures for applying for an entry letter for foreigners :

Prepare documents for applying for entry letter.

The key to a successful entry letter application is that foreigners need a Vietnamese company to vouch for it. Next, you will need to prepare the following documents to apply for this document :

– Scanned copy of a valid foreign passport

– Date on which the foreigner plans to enter Vietnam

– Length of stay in Vietnam for foreigners

–Number of visits to Vietnam

– Where to receive Vietnam visa (Vietnam international airport border gate or Vietnam overseas diplomatic mission).

If you are applying for an entry letter for commercial purposes , you will need to have a business license from the sponsoring business. Seal sample certificate and company introduction. I plan to work in Vietnam .

Visa stamping procedure after entry and shipment :

After receiving the entry invoice and knowing where and when the Vietnam visa will be stamped, the foreigner will go to the correct address to collect the visa if necessary and prepare the following :

  • Original valid passport
  • 2 card photos of size 4 x 6 cm , photos taken on a white background
  • Copy of issued entry letter
  • Immigration application form NA1
  • Visa stamp fee for equivalent type of visa .

Steps to stamp a visa on your passport at the airport :

Step 1: Go to the Vietnam visa area at the airport .

  • Tan Son Nhat Airport: Landing visa counter (local visa )
  • Noi Bai Airport : Arrival Visa Counter ( where visas are issued )
  • Da Nang Airport: Arrival Visa Counter (Visa issuance location )

Step 2: Submit your documents according to the instructions above and wait for the immigration officer to review and stamp your visa in your passport. Please note that while you are waiting, you will need to follow the visa stamp counter when the immigration officer calls your name.

Step 3: Pay the Vietnam visa application fee ( the fee can be paid in US dollars (USD) or Vietnamese currency (VND) . If there is nothing unusual, the approving officer will return the stamped passport. Payment of fees .

Step 4: Carefully check the visa information you just pasted. If it is correct, continue with the immigration process to Vietnam as usual. If your visa information is incorrect, please notify the immigration officer immediately for timely action .

Most international airports in Vietnam have the authority to issue entry visas to foreigners, but the most popular are Noi Bai International Airport, Da Nang International Airport, and Tan Son Nhat International Airport .

DL ) requesting entry for tourist purposes for a stay of up to 3 months. Visiting relatives for stays of up to 12 months (symbol TT ). 01 Entry Letter is issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for long-term work, investment, and 12 – month stay.

Official applications for entry to Vietnam for stays of less than 12 months will be issued in approximately 2-3 business days. For one- year entry letters, you will be notified of the results approximately 5 business days later. Applicants can also make an emergency application within one business day .

Citizens of some countries, such as Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, are exempt from Vietnam visas and do not need to fill out any forms when entering Vietnam. Apply for a visa to enter Vietnam .

can apply for entry visas once a month, provided they are guaranteed by a Vietnamese company . The remaining developed countries can apply for the current visa.

Immigration dispatch service
Immigration dispatch service

2023 Immigration Document Application Service

Foreign nationals must have an entry certificate to enter Vietnam, except when entering via e-visa .

However, making this dispatch is not always easy. Difficulties include :

  • I don’t understand the steps
  • Prepare complex documents or many documents
  • It takes a long time to apply, especially if you live far away.

This creates many hurdles in the entry visa application process .

Therefore, Quoc Bao Law provides immigration services for foreigners. We can help :

  1. Preparation of entry letter application documents

– Prepare form NA2 . Form NA2 is an application form issued by the Ministry of Public Security for immigration officers of foreign nationals. All NA2 form creation is done online, resulting in the NA2 form being created using an immigration barcode .

– Prepare form NA16 . Form NA16 is a form for submitting your signature and seal to the Immigration Bureau. This form NA16 must be used if the company is newly established or the legal representative has changed .

– Notarization of company documents. We provide free notarization of company registration, investment certificates, etc. for immigration dispatch applications .

  1. Submit your application and receive the results of your entry submission

Currently, Vietnam Immigration Department is applying online application form through public service. Submission of documents and receipt of results are all handled by public services of the Ministry of Public Security. This is done through the portal .

5 business days from the date the document is received by the Immigration Bureau .

Document preparation procedure for receiving the site online

What documents are required for immigration inspection ?

To prepare your application to the Immigration Bureau, you will need to send the following documents :

– Guarantee company business registration certificate (scanned copy) .

– Foreign passport (scanned copy) .

– Family relationship certificate (scanned copy) if accompanied by relatives (wife, children, father, mother, etc.) .

Estimated time to enter Vietnam .

– Border gate entering Vietnam. ( Names of entry border gates, such as Tan Son Nhat Airport, Phu Gui Border Gate, etc. ) .

*Note: If entry is prohibited, entry letters will not be issued to foreigners .

Why should I use an immigration dispatch service?

Compared to handling foreign immigration procedures yourself, using a foreign immigration service can save you a lot of time and effort .

With this service, you will get :

  • Free consultation regarding immigration procedures for foreigners
  • Advice on the type of visa suitable for each entry case
  • Prepare all necessary documents
  • not need to present
  • Vietnam temporary stay procedure consultation, online temporary stay declaration free of charge
  • Support to prepare immigration documents quickly and urgently on request

Why choose Quoc Bao Law Immigration Office?

10 years of experience in the field of foreign visas, transit and stay in Vietnam , we are proud to be able to handle most of your difficult documents.


We provide clear and transparent consultation and estimates on cost and time to complete the work .

All documents and applications will be sent to the customer for review before submission to the state agency .

respect customers

We will listen intently to all your issues, understand and advise you, and respond reasonably based on your desired needs .

Deliver results on time

It is our imperative to guarantee results on time. Because it is the reputation and quality of the service. You can only retain your customers by returning results on time as committed.

24/7 support

We are ready to advise you anytime, anywhere. All customer requests will be promptly discussed and resolved.

Begin your journey of discovery regarding investment procedures in Vietnam, where opportunities await and success is not far away!

Do you need advice or support on what you are looking for ? For help setting up a business in Vietnam, investing, applying for temporary residence cards and visas, entry permits and work permits, please contact Vietnam Contact Luật Quốc Bảo .

Please contact hotline /zalo : 0763387788 .

Address: 528 Le Van Sy, District 14 , District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Facebook fan page :

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