Work permit service?

Work permit service. Work permit issuance service for foreigners. Work permit creation service for foreigners working in Vietnam. With increasingly open globalization and the need for a diverse workforce, finding opportunities to work in other countries has become an undeniable trend. Under these circumstances, Vietnam, one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia, is attracting a lot of attention from international workers. However, handling procedures related to foreign work permits remains a challenge for both employers and employees. Support services and work permit advice for foreigners in Vietnam have therefore become an essential part of the process of working and settling in this country.

With economic development and increasing international cooperation, obtaining work permits for foreigners in Vietnam has become an important issue, requiring an understanding of legal and administrative procedures. Professional services in this field not only simplify the work permit process, but also ensure full compliance with regulations and conditions regarding work and living in Vietnam.

Work permit services for foreigners who play this important role not only support individuals and companies, but also contribute to national development and international cooperation. For information on foreign work permit creation consulting services under Quoc Bao Law, please refer to the following article immediately.

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What do I need to do to apply for a work permit?

Foreigners working in Vietnam must apply for a work permit in the following ways:

  1. A work permit is a document that confirms the approval of a foreign worker’s employment in a company or organization .
  2. Foreigners can only apply for a Vietnam visa if they have a work permit .
  3. A work permit contains specific information about the type of job, location, position held, and duration of work, so employers need to ensure that they enter into a valid labor contract with the foreign national .
  4. The preparation of work permits for foreigners is a mandatory procedure for companies and organizations that employ foreigners to work in Vietnam in the form of labor contracts. This is why companies and organizations must follow the regulations to apply for a foreign work permit before hiring foreigners as workers .
  5. Work permit issuance service for foreigners
Work permit service
Work permit service

Work permit issuance service for foreigners in 2023 are as follows:

  • What is a work permit exemption?

Work permit exemption refers to cases where a foreigner is working in Vietnam but is not required to apply for a work permit under Article 7 of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP.

Example: Labor is controlled by the parent company’s internal activities and works in a subsidiary in Vietnam.

  • What is a work permit extension?

Work permit renewal refers to the registration of an enterprise to continue sponsoring foreigners working in Vietnam when the expiration date of the old work permit approaches, in accordance with Article 16 of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP. 

Example: The expiration date for foreigners is until December 15, 2023 , after which, on November 30, 2023, companies that wish to continue employing foreigners will have to complete the extension procedure for their expired work permits.

  • What is work permit renewal?

/ Administrative Commission to grant or change a previously issued work permit based on new information or because the current work permit has been lost or damaged. is to make a request to. 12) of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP.

How long does it take to obtain a work permit?

The steps to obtain a work permit for foreign nationals are as follows:

  • Step 1: Within 30 days from the date of hire, the company submits an application for approval of the need to hire foreign workers .
  • Step 2: Once your application is approved, you will receive written approval of your need to hire foreign workers.

By completing this procedure, companies can guarantee that they will extend the foreigner’s visa while waiting for the work permit procedure to be completed. Tri Nam Law accepts all packaged procedures for foreigners, including work permits, visa extensions, and temporary residence cards.

  • Step 3: Submit the alien work permit application according to the employment request approval letter .

This step is very important because the Department of Labor will examine your detailed records. In addition to the components of the application and what appears on the documents, you should also pay attention to the format of the submitted documents so that your application is not rejected. For example, a notarized translation of a university degree.

  • Step 4: If your application is valid, pay the work permit issuance fee .
  • Step 5: Obtain a work permit .

What documents are required for a work permit ?

A common problem when processing a work permit is always related to incomplete or inaccurate documents required by the Ministry of Labor. Quoc Bao Law always has a way to help our clients with all the necessary documents when performing our services. According to this, the list of documents required for a work permit application includes:

  1. Written approval of the need to hire foreign workers .
  2. Health certificate for foreigners .
  3. Criminal history of foreigners .
  4. A notarized copy of the foreigner’s passport .
  5. A copy of the foreign employer’s business license .
  6. Documents and documents proving that they are managers, managers, professionals, technical workers, and specific professions and jobs .
  • For foreign workers who are specialists: have a university degree or equivalent, and have at least 3 years of professional training that is appropriate for the job that the foreign worker intends to engage in. Must have experience. Or have at least 5 years of experience and a practice certificate suitable for the position in which the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam .
  • In the case of a foreign employee who is a manager, the document certifies that the company’s manager complies with the provisions of Article 4, Paragraph 24 of the Enterprise Law, or is the head of a government agency or its representative. There is a need .
  • For foreign employees, an executive director is a person who heads and directly manages a department under a government agency, organization, or company .
  • A foreign worker who is a technical worker refers to a foreign worker who falls under any of the following cases. Foreign workers who have been trained for at least one year in a technical or other specialized field and have worked for at least three years if: Professional training. Or have at least 5 years of work experience according to the type of job the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam .

Costs for creating a work permit for foreigners

  • The cost of a work permit includes :
  • Work permit issuance fee: 400,000 VND – 600,000 VND (varies by province)
  • Foreigner criminal history application fee (if not submitted by the applicant )
  • Health checkup support fee for foreigners .
  • Fees to support consular legalization of documents issued in foreign countries .
  • Costs for notarized translations of documents in foreign countries .
  • The cost of legal services to carry out the procedure for granting a work permit .

Consultation and application services for new, extension, and reissuance of work permits for foreigners (work permit service for foreigners)

We have been providing foreign work permit application services for over 12 years, and with our practical experience, ASM Lien Viet provides work permit application and employment services. More than 50,000 professionals, managers and highly qualified technicians have come to Vietnam to work in rural areas and cities across the country. ( Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, Tu Duc, Binh Duong, Dong Nai …)

Work permit granting and documentation services for foreigners under the Quoc Bao Law include short-term or long-term two- year work permit issuance services, including the following services:

  1. Application for written approval regarding the use of corporate labor

Before conducting the recruitment procedure and completing the work permit application, the employer must apply for written approval for the use of labor and explain the labor use issues to the Labor Department regarding foreign workers. there is. A formal authorization for the use of labor is the first condition for the recruitment procedure of foreigners and the application procedure for work permits. Our services in this process include:

– Explain and provide guidance on labor law provisions regarding recruitment and registration of foreign workers.

– Prepare written application for approval of employment and documentation of the use of foreign workers.

– Submit applications according to company permits or guide companies to submit applications to the Foreign Labor Office online or while on duty.

  1. New work permit initial application service (new work permit service for foreigners )

Some of our popular work permit renewal services for existing employees that we offer for key positions within your company that have not yet been replaced by Vietnamese workers include:

– Work permit application service for managers (positions: director, general manager, deputy general manager, representative office manager, president), managing director, etc.

– Work permit application service for foreign experts (business experts, technical experts, marketing experts, etc.)

–Work permit application service for foreign technical workers

– Work permit exemption application service for foreigners.

Work permit service
Work permit service
  1. Work permit reissue application work for foreigners (work permit reissue application work for foreigners )

If a foreigner’s work permit is still valid, but it is lost, destroyed, destroyed, or if there has been a change in personal information, such as a change in passport number, headquarters, work location, etc., the work permit will be canceled. You will need to apply for re-licensing. / Work permit. If this is the case, please contact us if you would like further advice on the documents and procedures required to reissue your work permit and the services we provide.

  1. Work permit extension service (work permit extension service for foreigners )

– As the expiry date of the foreigner’s work permit approaches (minimum 15 days), the foreigner and the employer must take steps to extend the worker’s permit. If the foreigner does not carry out the procedures beyond this deadline, the foreigner must apply for a new work permit in accordance with the regulations. Please contact us if you require advice or guidance on any of the following issues to avoid expiration of your work permit:

– Consultation on the preparation of documents and documents for applying for work permit extension.

– Advice on the right time to apply for a work permit extension

We are trusted by corporate customers and individual foreign workers for our expertise in consulting, answering, and administrative procedures related to work permit applications and renewals, and are committed to ensuring efficient business operations and convenience for foreigners.

In order to increase the resolution of seemingly complex procedures quickly and easily. During the work process. We are constantly striving and improving the quality of our services to become more and more perfect and become the first-choice consultant in Vietnam. Work permit issuance service for foreigners 2023.

The procedures for foreigners working in Vietnam are as follows.

Step 1 : Lawyers consult and respond to clients regarding cases related to foreigners working in Vietnam .

You can contact us online or in person to find out how to complete your application and documentation in the simplest way for each case-specific work permit application.

Step 2 : Please prepare the documents to apply for a work permit for foreigners and send them to us .

Our lawyers and experts guide foreigners and employers in preparing all necessary documents in accordance with current regulations. At the same time as the process, a set of work permit application documents will be prepared and sent to the company for signature and seal according to regulations. Please prepare thoroughly and send it to us directly or by courier.

Step 3: Submit and explain to the Labor Bureau

After receiving the set of documents, submit the application to the Labor Department according to the company’s permission. If you need clarification on related issues, a lawyer or expert will take the necessary steps to explain your company’s employment of foreign workers.

Step 4: Obtain work permit results and make payment

The customer receives the work permit results and pays the remaining service fee. In this step, we issue an invoice to the customer according to the regulations. You can receive your results directly at our office or we can pay you at your home.

Why do you choose our prestigious foreign work permit and document preparation services?

– We have over 12 years of experience in consulting and providing labor law services and have successfully completed license applications for over 50,000 clients in over 180 countries and territories .

– Our service providers are lawyers and legal experts who can accurately answer and advise you on any issues or concerns you may have.

– We provide work permit application services for foreigners in Vietnam and document preparation services for foreigners nationwide for all foreign companies and individuals.

– Regarding payments, we will issue various statutory tax invoices and documents depending on the content of the customer’s service usage, so that it is convenient for customers to complete tax payment procedures with companies and regulatory agencies.

Work permit preparation service for foreigners in Lo Quoc Bao

With the explosive development of the world economy and the continuous development of industry, attracting international labor sources has become an important part of many countries’ development strategies. In the not-too-distant future, connections and cooperation with foreign nationals will play an important role in promoting innovation and sustainable development. In this context, Attorney Quoc Bao has emerged as the person providing work permit support and advice for foreigners, bringing new opportunities and comprehensive solutions to both employers and employees.

With its deep vision and solid understanding of the law and labor market, Quoc Bao Law brings confidence to those seeking assistance in handling complex procedures related to the law and labor market. Our professional and experienced team is committed to providing high-quality, customized services that fully meet the requirements and standards of both parties, from developing recruitment strategies to ensuring compliance and adhering to legal regulations. I am.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, Law Quoc Bao provides consulting services. We act not only as a service but also as a partner in your expansion and development journey, providing accurate and up-to-date advice so you can make wise and effective decisions.

Begin your journey of discovery regarding investment procedures in Vietnam, where opportunities await and success is not far away !

Do you need advice or support on what you are looking for ? For help setting up a business in Vietnam, investing, applying for temporary residence cards and visas, entry permits and work permits, please contact Vietnam Contact Luật Quốc Bảo .

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Address : 528 Le Van Sy , District 14 , District 3 , Ho Chi Minh City

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